My name is Stuart Hurd

I am a full-time professional guide with fishing experience all over Washington State.

Fishing year round brings top knowledge and skill to ensure you the best trip possible.  During the peak season from May-October, I spend an average of 6.5 days per week on the water. We will be fishing using top quality gear and boats including 24’ Alumaweld Super Vee Pro.

I am so confident you will catch fish on your trip- that I guarantee it or it is half off.

Species and Locations


• March-April: Lower Columbia River (Vancouver, Wa)

•  April-May: Snake River (Tri-Cities, Wa)

•  May-June: Icicle River (Leavenworth, Wa)

•  July-Aug: Upper Columbia River (Wenatchee, Wa)

•  Sep-Oct: Upper Columbia River (Vernita/Hanford, Wa)


•  July-Aug: Upper Columbia River (Wenatchee, Wa)


Oct-March: Upper Columbia River (Brewster, Wa)


•  Year round

•  Lake trout-Mackinaw: Lake Chelan (Chelan, Wa)

•  Triploids: Rufus Woods (Bridgeport, Wa)


•  Jan-June (Chelan, Wa)

•  March- Nov: Columbia/Snake River

•  March-September:• Eastside Lakes


•  Year round: Upper Columbia River


•  Year round: Columbia River

*Estimated dates and locations*




Columbia River Fish counts

Chinook Adult 354; Chinook Jack 38; Steelhead 477; Wild Steelhead 180; Shad 318; Sockeye 5; Lamprey 156; Coho Adult 10; Coho Jack 1

Chinook Adult 221; Chinook Jack 27; Steelhead 133; Wild Steelhead 61; Sockeye 5; Lamprey 42; Coho Adult 1

Chinook Adult 48; Chinook Jack 12; Steelhead 37; Wild Steelhead 19; Sockeye 3; Lamprey 33; Coho Adult 1; Coho Jack 2

Chinook Adult 92; Chinook Jack 23; Steelhead 68; Wild Steelhead 34; Shad 563; Sockeye 8; Lamprey 10