Fishing Location: Upper Columbia River (Brewster, Wa)

Fishing Times: Oct-March

Steelhead season usually starts in October and runs through March.  We will be fishing on the Columbia River from a 24’ Alumaweld Super Vee Pro and be trolling plugs or casting bobbers and shrimp.  The majority of the fishing takes place from Wells dam to Chief Joseph dam.

Generally in a day of fishing expect somewhere between 5 to 20 take downs. Landing more than 10 steelhead per day is not uncommon.   Daily limits usually are between 2 and 4 fish per person of which only hatchery fish may be kept.

If the Weather gets cold enough the fishing out in front of Wenatchee river can get pretty awesome; if this happens expect quick limits.

Columbia River Fish counts

Chinook Adult 82; Chinook Jack 24; Steelhead 4; Wild Steelhead 1; Coho Adult 68; Coho Jack 156

Chinook Adult 5015; Chinook Jack 1182; Steelhead 1030; Wild Steelhead 188; Coho Adult 764; Coho Jack 161

Chinook Adult 3796; Chinook Jack 683; Steelhead 1946; Wild Steelhead 477; Lamprey 3; Coho Adult 429; Coho Jack 60

Chinook Adult 3843; Chinook Jack 492; Steelhead 1571; Wild Steelhead 382; Lamprey 7; Coho Adult 236; Coho Jack 28

Chinook Adult 1588; Chinook Jack 325; Steelhead 2124; Wild Steelhead 593; Lamprey 5; Coho Adult 322; Coho Jack 3