Bass Fishing Guide Service

Species: Large mouth bass – Small mouth bass

Fishing Location: Lake Chelan, Wa

Fishing Dates:  Jan-June


Species: Large mouth bass – Small mouth bass

Fishing Location: Columbia/Snake River

Fishing Dates: March- Nov:


Species: Large mouth bass – Small mouth bass

Fishing Location: Eastside Lakes

Fishing Dates: March-September


Both small and large mouth trips are available.  I start the year off in Lake Chelan targeting small mouth in deep pockets in January through April when the fish move into the shallow waters feeding before the May/June spawn.  If you have never experienced the pre-spawn small mouth schools of 10 or more bass you are missing out (unbelievable top water action)!  Lake Chelan is a extremely clear water lake, at times you can see over 20 feet in depth.  If it is a calm morning during the spawn you can target big fish on beds and have a blast watching the fish pick up your lure as you set the hook.  Generally these fish begin bedding up first or second weekend of May and finish around mid June.

The Columbia and Snake River hold an enormous amount of both Small and Large mouth Bass.  Most of the areas on these rivers are quite un-fished.  There are many miles of river that I have never seen another boat fishing for bass.  Some of these areas are amazing; at certain times of the year expect to catch 35 or more fish per person.

Central Washington as many lakes that have spectacular bass fishing, such as Banks Lake, Sun Lakes, Pot Holes, Moses, rock, long, and many more.

Whether it be the Columbia river, Snake river, or one of Central Washington’s lakes, they each hold spectacular fishing opportunities for both small and large mouth bass and different times of the year.  Expect to catch many fish per person.  We will be fishing from either a 21’ Bass Boat or from a 24’ Alumaweld Super Vee Pro.  Ask about crappie, perch, cat, and sunfish fishing as well.

Columbia River Fish counts

Chinook Adult 6; Steelhead 1; Wild Steelhead 1; Coho Adult 17; Coho Jack 12

Chinook Adult 115; Chinook Jack 60; Steelhead 151; Wild Steelhead 50; Coho Adult 198; Coho Jack 45

Chinook Adult 115; Chinook Jack 62; Steelhead 216; Wild Steelhead 78; Coho Adult 56; Coho Jack 14

Chinook Adult 180; Chinook Jack 67; Steelhead 273; Wild Steelhead 105; Coho Adult 24; Coho Jack 2

Chinook Adult 173; Chinook Jack 47; Steelhead 421; Wild Steelhead 143; Coho Adult 107; Coho Jack 55