Sturgeon Guided Fishing Service

Fishing location: Columbia River

Fishing times: Year round:

There is basically two types of sizes to target; the tasty keeper size and the mighty over-size Columbia River Sturgeon.  These toothless fish can grow to be enormous.  All sizes of sturgeon can be caught year round, but if your interested in fighting big fish until your physically exhausted, I target these fish mostly in the months of May and June.

These fish average between 5 and 12 feet and must be released unharmed, but still make for some great pictures or videos.  They fight hard and sometimes are quite acrobatic jumping out of the water several times.  For oversize expect 15 to 75 minute fights.  Most days fishing, if you don’t tire out, expect to catch somewhere between 5 and 25 sturgeon.  In August through October expect to catch high numbers of sturgeon averaging between 3 and 7 feet.

Combination sturgeon and salmon trips are available upon request but must be done so in advance and they also have an additional bait fee.   We will be fishing from a 24’ Alumaweld Super Vee Pro jet boat and be anchoring and fishing a variety of bait combinations.

Columbia River Fish counts

Chinook Adult 82; Chinook Jack 24; Steelhead 4; Wild Steelhead 1; Coho Adult 68; Coho Jack 156

Chinook Adult 5015; Chinook Jack 1182; Steelhead 1030; Wild Steelhead 188; Coho Adult 764; Coho Jack 161

Chinook Adult 3796; Chinook Jack 683; Steelhead 1946; Wild Steelhead 477; Lamprey 3; Coho Adult 429; Coho Jack 60

Chinook Adult 3843; Chinook Jack 492; Steelhead 1571; Wild Steelhead 382; Lamprey 7; Coho Adult 236; Coho Jack 28

Chinook Adult 1588; Chinook Jack 325; Steelhead 2124; Wild Steelhead 593; Lamprey 5; Coho Adult 322; Coho Jack 3