Walleye Guided Fishing Service

Fishing Location: Upper Columbia River

Fishing times:  Year round:


Walleye can be caught year round.  The times of year I target these fish the most is September through November (1-4lbs avg) and February through April (6-12lbs avg).  We will be fishing out of a 24’ Alumaweld Super Vee Pro or 21’ bass boat using top quality spinning or casting rods with excellent sensitivity to be able to key in on soft bites.  In the fall expect to catch several fish per person, we will generally be trolling a worm harness or plug.

In February through April we will mostly be jig fishing.  This is the time of year Walleye are in pre-spawn and when the water temperature is right they bed up and spawn.  Expect to boat somewhere between 1 to 5 fish per person.  The males generally average 6 pounds, while the females tend to range between 6 and 12 pounds.  It is not uncommon to land fish between 12 and 16 pounds.

Columbia River Fish counts

Chinook Adult 159; Chinook Jack 26; Steelhead 169; Wild Steelhead 16

Chinook Adult 2031; Chinook Jack 131; Steelhead 153; Wild Steelhead 70; Shad *; Sockeye 5546; Lamprey 349

Chinook Adult 1858; Chinook Jack 110; Steelhead 34; Wild Steelhead 14; Sockeye 2919; Lamprey 28

Chinook Adult 1145; Chinook Jack 84; Steelhead 12; Wild Steelhead 6; Sockeye 2150; Lamprey 12

Chinook Adult 1281; Chinook Jack 53; Steelhead 10; Wild Steelhead 6; Shad 57598; Sockeye 958; Lamprey 10